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Stocks trading with zero commission

Trade stocks of the biggest names in the international stock market with low transaction costs.

Why IVY Markets ?

Trade Stocks in
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Trade stocks from large-cap companies in the global stock market with conditions designed to empower your strategy.

Diverse stock derivatives

Hedge your portfolio with popular precious metals like gold and silver or diversify with top-traded energies like crude oil and natural gas.

Flexible market access

Trade XAGUSD, XAUUSD, USOIL and UKOIL 5 days a week and maximize your trading results.

Low and stable spreads

Trade the stocks market with low and predictable trading costs. Enjoy tight spreads that stay stable, even during economic news releases and market events.

Security of funds

Trade the stocks markets with Negative Balance Protection. Benefit from PCI DSS financial data protection, and segregated client accounts in tier-1 banks.

Stop Out Protection

Strengthen your positions against inevitable market volatility with a feature that helps delay or sometimes completely avoid stop outs.

Fast execution

Capitalize on the frequent price movements of popular currency pairs with ultra-fast execution. Get your FX trading orders executed in under 25ms on all available terminals.

Stocks market conditions

The stock market is a global marketplace for trading various types of commodities like precious metals and energies. Trading them allows you to speculate on the price of highly volatile instruments like gold and oil without buying the underlying asset, whether the stocks price is going up or down.

Stocks market trading hours is from Sunday 22:05:00 to Friday 21:59:00

Spreads are always floating. Because of this, the spreads in the above table are averages based on the previous trading day. For live spreads, please refer to the trading platform.

Swap is the interest that is applied to all stocks trading positions that are left open overnight. Swap rates differ from one currency pair to another.

Please note that the stop level values in the table above are subject to change and may not be available for traders using certain high-frequency trading strategies or Expert Advisors.

Margin requirements for exotic currency pairs always remain fixed, regardless of the leverage you use. The margin for these instruments is held in accordance with the instruments’ margin requirements and is not affected by the leverage on your account.

The margin requirement for your account is tied to the amount of leverage you use. Changing leverage will cause margin requirements to change.

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Access the dynamic world stocks market and diversify your portfolio with unique market protections.

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